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Living in Idrija by Adèle

torek, 25 februar 2020 15:52

Idrija is a little town which is good for quality of life, peaceful atmosphere and to be in connection with nature. There is a path through the forest called “Rake” where I sometimes go for a run during the week. There is a pretty waterfall and this way is nice to be quiet with yourself and to discover this beautiful area. Moreover, one of my top spots in Idrija is the top of the hill just next to the church, where you can see the beautiful view of the town and its surroundings.

I visited the ancient castle Gewerkenegg with the museum where you can learn about lace and the history of the town and I have visited the mercury mine with other volunteers. It was great to know more about the lifestyles of miners and it was the first time for me to visit a mine. I also had the opportunity to learn how to make a bracelet in lace during my stay here.

The biggest advantage here is that everything can be done on foot: you can go for a walk on the hill, go to the supermarkets. However, if you are too lazy or if the weather is bad, you can take the local bus around the town. Sometimes, some local people can bring you at home after your shopping in Hofer, you just need to ask them. Mostly people are very nice and help you when you need a ride to the center.

During my life here, I have tried some specialties, including “žlikrofi”. If you are vegetarian, you can get it without meat (the sauce is with cheese or mushrooms). I have also tried “bovški krafi” which is a good dessert with pears and cinnamon in Tolmin and “kremšnita” in Bled.

There are some local shops in Idrija where you can find some local products to buy (honey, milk, wooden toothbrush, vegetables …). I particularly appreciated that you can find some healthy local products. I have noticed that the town is very clean and there is a zero waste policy; people take care about the environment and they sort and recycle waste.

In Idrija, you can do some nice walks and there are some local pubs and some restaurants that you can discover. I was in the 3X3 bar, it is a local pub with some local music! There is also a nice coffee place called Emilija, where you can eat good cakes and drink good tea. I particularly appreciated the hot chocolate with marshmallows and the vegetarian sandwich for lunch! I ate some vegetarian kebab in Pekarna near the entrance of the town (it is cheaper).
In this town, if you like to practice some sports, you can try it. I trained some yoga one time per week and some kickboxing two times per week. But you can also try other activities depending on your interests (climbing, running …). I also tried some activities in the town: calligraphy, T-shirt painting or how to create your own wallet. I had the opportunity to go to the horse-riding in Tolmin and to do some ice-skating in Bled! I had the chance to see a nice concert of the local orchestra in this town and to participate to help for the organization!

Another advantage of this town is that it isn’t very far away from Ljubljana, so it is very practical to go by bus or by carpooling (Prevoz) if you want to go to the city! During my stay here, I was lucky to meet some local people, who took me on a trip to see beautiful waterfalls in Tolmin, to visit Trieste and Piran or to see the Lake Jasna. Idrija is as a crossroad for travelling and going around Slovenia.

From my point of view and after some discussions with local people in Idrija, I can say that people here like staying connected to the nature, eating local vegetables, using local dialect (especially in Idrija as “armena” for “yellow”) and use curse words. Some of them like going to Rogla station during winter holidays and in Croatia during summer holidays. They like eating beef soup and salad with olive oil (and not pumpkin oil as in Laško). They like participating on local festivals in the town. Apparently, some of them here are jealous of their neighbors, it is typical here and they take some loans to buy an expensive car! I was surprised about that, but every culture is different. Moreover, they celebrate “Pust” much more than we do in France and I have seen the parade which was really nice! I think that the family and healthy lifestyle are important values in Slovenia and people here are very close and like sharing everything.

An advice, if you feel sickness when traveling by bus, take your medicine with you because the road in Idrija and around can be very curvy if you are not used to it!

So, if you like the nature and the atmosphere of a small town, Idrija is for you!

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