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New video on our Youtube channel!

četrtek, 28 november 2019 09:57

Go on our youtube channel :): MC Idrija

You will find a new video about our last playgrounds of the season. ;)
From the end of August until the 10th of October, you will see a change in the weather but most importantly lots of fun and joy all allong!

We were not all the time by our own. 
Other organizations came:
-Društvo Zakonctedna:  
-Plesni Klub Idrija:
-Rod Srebrnih Krtov.Idrija: 
-Zveza prijateljev mladine: 

Thank you to everyone!
See you next year! :)


Video programs: Hitflim Express 13 for all composite shots / iMovie on iPhone to assemble.

Photos - videos: took by workers and volunteers of MCI.

Music: "Under the sun" of DIIV from iMovie.

* Project is financed by European Solidarity Corps *

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