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Adèle - Prostovoljka ESE IZ FRANCIJE

torek, 03 september 2019 11:36

Adèle je v Idrijo prispela s koncem poletja in začela s svojo prostovoljsko izkusnjo in zivljenjem pri nas. V Mladinskem centru Idrija bo v sklopu programa Evropske solidarnostne enote (ESE) pomagala pri izvajanju programa, predvsem jo boste lahko videvali na naših dogodkih, se z njo učili francosko ali vadili anglesko, pomagala pa bo tudi pri promocijskih aktivnostih.

Zastavili smo ji nekaj vprašanj, ki se nanašajo nanjo in na prvi vtis o Idriji in Idrijčanih. Vprašanja in odgovore si lahko preberete spodaj :

How would you describe yourself in fivewords ? 

I am curious, sensitive, open-minded to know others cultures, differents ways of work and I like the novelty. I am a little bit reserved.

Why did you choose to do an EVS?

I choose to do a EVS to feel useful and helpful for others, to develop new skills, to discover Slovenie and the culture of Slovene.

Why did you choose Idrija as welcoming town?

I have choose Idrija to feel implicated for the local population and for the Youth. I have choose Slovenia because I like the nature, lakes and mountains.

In what way are Frenchthe same as Slovenians?

I don't know yet if French are the same as Slovenians  because I have been here for two days. But, I think that French and Slovene people like good food and good wine !

5- What do you think about your employer- Idrija Youth Center?

Idrija Youth Center gives me a good impression since the begining because the team and the communication seems great since the beginning. Moreover, they are various things to do and lots of activities for the Youth.

6- What have you done in the past for living?

In the past, I was Au Pair in Ireland during one year to discover Irish culture; I have studied law and economic at  the university and I have some experiences of work in differents organizations.

7- What do you like to work the most?

I like various things like to try to organize some events, to help for social media and to work in contact with the Youth and children. I like writing some articles.

8- What is your first impression about Idrija?

My first impression about Idrija is that it is a little beautiful town , which is situed in the mountain with some forest and a little lake. This town is known for mercury mines and for the lace. I have a first good impression about this town and people seems to be benevolent.

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