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Around Slovenia by volunteers Urte and Enya

sreda, 28 avgust 2019 14:04

Around Slovenia“

Hey! We (Enya and Urtė) are volunteers in “Mladinski center Idrija”. Being here it would be a big shame not to take a chance to travel in Slovenia. Some places we visited together and some separately. So by this article we want to share our experiences and give some tips.

Of course, Bohinj, Bled is one of the “must see” places in Slovenia. At first we attended Bohinj. It was a nice place for relaxation, walking, swimming. It is not too much a touristic place, it is more wild, casual. At the lake you can quite easily find free and a bit more private space to put your stuff and swim, it isn’t necessary to be in a beach with crowd of people. Bohinj lake left us an impression of peaceful place. As well, we ate at “Foksner” in Ribčev Laz. Here Enya tried home-made tiramisu in a jar and she says, it was great!

Well, Bled is deffinetely touristic place. Here you can find much more restaurants and other facilities. As well, if you don’t like crowded beaches, going by side where is a castle, you can find some place to swim too. Unfortunately coast here can be not so comfortable. Cake “kremšnita“ is something what you have to try in Bled. It is very sweet. It is really creamy so if you are not a cake person you can share with some else or ask for a smaller part. As well, near Bled is a place with an amazing view. It’s name is Ojstrica. Way to here can be hard, but it’s worth it! Not for away from Bled is Vintegar George. It is nice, if you are not use to see a river surrounded by rocks. There a lot of tourists, ticket price for adults – 10 euros, for students – 6.

As well we attended Maribor, Ljubljana. Maribor is nice city, unfortunately we didn’t have enough time here. Ljubljana is very comfortable city. Centre, old town is not too big, so we could see everything goig on foot. What is great about Ljubljana, that on every month first Sunday museums are for free Ethnographic museum has truly modern exhibition. Here you can get to know about beekeeping in Slovenia and lots of other things. If you are in Ljubljana and want coffe and cake, go to “Bazilika Café”. What is more, in the old town are a lot of bikes because cars and bus are not allowed during the week - nice! But be careful, some are a little bite mad and pass really close to you.

Slovenia is famous about it’s caves too. Postojna cave seemed impressive with all stalactites and stalagmites, because of that cave looks luxurious inside. It is touristic place, in a morning before lunch you can find a long long line to the tickets office. Well, you can buy tickets by internet too. Škocjan cave is truly different. It has more variety inside. You can find here stalactites and stalagmites too. Maybe they are not so impressive here as in Postojna cave, but some of them are really huge, over 10 metres high. An underground river and a huge space around makes you feel small and respect this dark world. What is more, if you will decide to go to Predjama castle by bike, have in mind that the road is curly and goes up an down. If you are not used to bikes, it can be tiring.

Cost towns in Slovenia are worth to see too. Koper is nice town. But Piran is more. Urtė felt sad when came to Piran and understood that she has only one evening here Piran makes you feel that you are in real Mediterranean town. Narrow streets and sea food smell, relaxed people, lots of restaurants, it makes some special spirit here. By the way, coust here can be a bit dangerous, some stones are quite big.

Transport sometimes can make you mad. For example we had some problems with shuttle buses in Bohinskaja Bistrica and Bled, buses didn‘t come. In Maribor we lost train, because track number was wrong. For international journeys you can use “Flixbus“. Have in mind, it can happen that these buses will be late even for 1 hour. We would say, that Slovenia is friendly country for hitchikers. In this way we were traveking from Ribčev Laz to Bohinskaja Bistrica, from here to Bled and then to Ljubljana. To catch a car took 5-20 minutes. It is a good way to travel for those who likes to meet new people, share experiences. Unfortunattely, hitchiking from Maribor to Ljubljana was unseccesful. To catch a car going from bigger cities can be tricky, you really need to know a right spot.

What about place to sleep. If you need a cheap place – check Youth hostels. Usually in Youth centers of Slovenia have hostels too. Searching for the cheapest place by, it shows Youth hostels not always. So, at first you should write city/town name and “Youth hostel“ in google and then you will find out if here is some. When you know hostel name, you can find it in Youth hostels usually are cozy, not too far way from a center.

In general, Slovenia is country which will leave impression for everyone. People here are very friendly, most of them speaks English and they like to speak with foreigners.

We love Slovenia,

Enya and Urtė

Small article and info for video Around Slovenia“

Volunteering is a great chance to see a world and get to know foreign countries. During our (Enya and Urtė) volunteering time in “Mladinski center Idrija“ we had opportunities to travel in Slovenia. To tell everything about journeys it would take a long time. But in this video You can see the most important places and other things, which seemed interesting for us. -

Video program – “HitFilm Express 12”

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