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Enya – prostovoljka ESE iz Francije

ponedeljek, 15 julij 2019 14:52

Enja je prek programa Evropske solidarnostne enote (ESE) – (Inter)active community v Idrijo prispela že pred nekaj tedni. Našo ekipo bo dopolnila s svojim veseljem do fotografiranja.

Za nas je napisala, kaj se ji je dogajalo prvi teden pri nas, odgovorila na nekaj vprašanj o sebi in začetnih vtisih v Idriji in zapisala poročilo s treninga za vse slovenske prostovoljce – vabljeni k branju!

My First "week" in Idrija
It was not really a week because the on arrival training started four days after my arrival in Idrija. 
However, during these four days I could meet my mentors, Tina and Helena, inside the organization and the one outside the organization, Blaška. They both invited me to the same coffee-shop “Emilija”, and it was nice in the two cases. The first day inside the Youth Centre Helena explained me how it works, what I could do and I asked me what I would like to do… After we went a little bite around the city to put some poster so in the meantime she showed me some places. The next day I met Blaška, we took a coffee and discussed to get to know each other a little bite. In the same day and on Sunday it was the “Lace Festival”, so I went outside to see the stand but I didn’t stay a long time because the weather was really hot on those days. After this the on-arrival training in Bled started for one week. At the end of this week, when I came back to Idrija, I met some-else named Bojana and it was really nice to meet her. After that on the afternoon I went to my first “Playground” organized by the Youth Centre. The girls, who were here to put everything in place with a couple, helped me to interacted with the children which was really nice.
So, for now I really appreciate the fact there is a lot of nature and hill all around, the people I met I are all really nice. So except the hot weather every thing was great on this first “week”! :)


1- How would you describe yourself in five words ?
I am a shy person, I want to be useful, I can be imaginative, I care about the environment and I am a book person.

2- Why did you choose to do an EVS?
It is been a long time that I am searching to do an EVS. I think it is a good way to grow up and in the meantime to be useful to someone or something…
3- Why did you choose Idrija as welcoming town?
There is no specific reason why I choose Idrija. I liked the project but the fact that it is not a big city and that there is a lot of mountains, a river may had help my decision.
4- In what way are French the same as Slovenians?
It is not being a long time since I am here. So I can’t really say.
5- What do you think about your employer- Idrija Youth Center?
Same as for the last question, I am not here from a long time so I can’t really say. Except that my first impression is good, they seem to be friendly, good listener, adviser and to be here if you need help.
6- What have you done in the past for living?
I did some little job to earn some money and I did a civic service in a Primary school (which in France, the children leave at 10 or 11 year old to enter in Middle school).
7- What do you like to work the most?
I like taking and working with photos on different kind of medium. Something that can tell a story.
8- What is your first impression about Idrija?
It seems to be a nice city, not too big, not too small.

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