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Urte – Litvanska prostovoljka v MCI-ju

ponedeljek, 15 julij 2019 15:12

Urte je v Idrijo prispela prejšnji teden in začel svojo poletno prostovoljsko dogodivščino. V Mladinskem centru Idrija bo v sklopu programa Evropske solidarnostne enote (ESE) pomagala pri izvajanju programa, predvsem ga bo popestrila s svojim znanjem o gledaliških dejavnostih.

Zastavili smo ji nekaj vprašanj, ki se nanašajo nanj in na prvi vtis o Idriji in Idrijčanih. Vprašanja in odgovore si lahko preberete spodaj!

1. How would you describe yourself in five words?

Don‘t stop, keep moving further!

2. Why did you choose to do EVS? What was the main reason?

I wanted to gain different and new experience, to travel. As well I feeled that I should try to do something, what brings goodness for society, community.

3. Why did you choose Idrija as your welcoming town?

When I saw photos of Idrija, I felt a love from the first sight. And this is small town, surrounded by hills, so it seemed for me a nice opportunity to have a rest from a big city.

4. In what way are Lithuanians the same as Slovenians?

 For now I see more differences. May later I will find some similarities.

5. What do you think about your employer - Idrija Youth center?

I was impressed, that Idrija Youth Center was established by initiative of local community. And it seems original idea to join in one place Youth and childs centres and hostel. These parts supplement each other.

6. What have you done in the past for a living?

I was studying history, working in shops and with sales of conferences. As well I participated in not professional theatre activity.

7. What do you like to work the most?

It seems I have tried not a lot, so I can‘t say.

8. What is your first impression about Idrija?

Well, I already mentioned it, but again – hills! And clouds sometimes are so near. It makes an impression of fairytale or fantasy movie.

9. Anything else that you would like to share with our readers? ;)

Ask me and maybe I will answer.


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