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Living in Idrija by mednarodni prostovoljci

torek, 14 maj 2019 10:15

Prejšnji mesec smo v MCI-ju/Hostlu Idrija gostili skupino mednarodnih prostovoljcev, ki so v Idriji preživeli in prostovoljsko delali 3 tedne. V tem kratkem času so v Idriji doživeli več, kot povprečni Idrijčan doživi v enem letu. Spoznali so vse bare in žur lokacije, tudi tiste, ki so prebivalcem manj znane. Obiskali so turistične znamenitosti, se odpravili na sprehode in pohode, se družili z lokalci, ki so jih povabili celo na zabavo po maturantskem plesu! Aktivni so bili tudi na Eko dnevu. V prostem času pa so si tudi najeli kombi in odkrivali še druge lepote Slovenije - vse od Ljubljane, Škocjanskih jam, Bohinja, Bleda in Pirana.

V MCI-ju smo jih z veselejm gostili in upamo, da se še kdaj vrnejo k nam. Prav tako smo jim zelo hvaležni za vso pomoč, ki so jo vložili v naš hostel. Veseli nas, da so pri nas uživali, uživajte tudi v spodnjem zapisu! :)


Hello everyone,

We are 10 international young people coming from all around Europe, taking part in the “Let’s make the house alive” project, in order to help renovate the Idrija Youth Hostel and Youth Centre of Idrija. Here are some words about our experience living in Idrija.

In general, Idrija is a very quiet and relaxing place to be. The people here a very friendly and some of them even offered to give us a lift to the hostel which is up the hill and a little difficult to reach with big luggage. There are 140 steps to climb before you reach the reception!

Idrija became more populated when the first signs of mercury were found by a bucket maker of the area. He sunk the bucket in the river as it is normal procedure for making buckets and the next morning when he tried to lift the bucket, it was too heavy, and inside was mercury.

First and most important thing for a traveller, alcohol! There are more than 20 bars around Idrija, but there are only a couple which you will frequent. Alcohol here is very cheap as you can get a glass of wine for just 0.80 cents or a pint (0.5L) of local beer for 2.20 euros. If you visit bar Kavarna and order a beer they will throw in some free crisps!

Idrija is part of the Unesco heritage and one of the main reasons is the second biggest mercury mine in the world which officially closed down in 1997. You can visit the mine and take a tour for 10 euros if you are a student (a bit more expensive if you do not have a student card) and if you are lucky to visit during April you might be able to take the special tour which features actual miners (8 people still work in the mine for maintenance and back filing) and you can see how they used to do things down there.

During the prosperous era of mining, the women of Idrija used to make lace, something that some still do today. Go to the castle to check the different exhibitions they have there and on the ground floor search for the lady making lace and if you are lucky you can see her in action.

One of the most fun activities you can have is to go hiking in Idrija. You can either take the path to the beautiful lake hidden in the mountains or you can go up the mountain in search for the Hleviše restaurant which is only open on weekends and have a relaxing lunch.

If you are a fishing enthusiast, then look no further. Idrija has a fly fishing festival which takes place once a year. Make your own fake fly for bait, pay 90 euros to participate and fish in the beautiful river which flows through Idrija.

As we said before, you can visit the mine of Idrija, but you can also visit different locations which were used to process mercury such as the smelting plant and the biggest water wheel in Europe with a diameter of 13.7 meters.

If you are always hungry like us and in the mood for some traditional cuisine then you should definitely try the Zlikrofi with bakalca. It’s a type of pasta and it’s very tasty. You can get it with pork or cheese!!! If you have a sweet tooth then you should try the Lace Cake or Rezi, with edible lace on top! Remember how lace is important here? They even put it on cake! It’s a chocolate and blueberry cake and it’s very tasty.

A very interesting place in Idrija is the church on the hill. Next to the church there are some small house-like buildings with pictures of the Via Crucis or the Way of Sorrows which depicts the way of Jesus to his crucifixion.

Last but not least, the party of the year, the Matura party or as commonly known, the prom. After they have their fancy prom party, the teenagers go home, change, and get lost in the woods as the prom takes place in an abandoned pig farm right behind they psychiatric hospital! The farm was given to the youth of Idrija to fix and decorate and got turned into a party house! Open bar and super music, it is a great night out and hope you can find your way back!

This is our experience of Idrija and it is one we enjoyed. We hope everyone reading this has the same experience as we did and have an amazing time in Idrija!


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