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Travel Tips after 3 Years on the Road

četrtek, 22 november 2018 10:23

Patricia je pri nas prebivala in delala preko spletne platforme Workaway. V našo ekipo je vnesla veliko pozitivne energije in ker je bila pri nas samo dva tedna, smo jo prosili, naj se predstavi tudi vsem ostalim. Nastal je spodnji zapis, ki nam prikaže kaj Patricia počne zadnja tri leta. Napisala nam je tudi nekaj nasvetom za lažji pričetek podobne izkušnje. Patricia zelo rada piše in obljubila nam je še članek na temo EVS prostovoljstva.

            If you had asked me, when I was 18, that in 2 years time. at the age of 20, I would start an epic journey around the world… I would have said you’re crazy. Yet here I am, November 2018 after over 3 years of travel, looking forward to adding more and more years of adventure to the journey I know as “life”.

            I've always been fascinated by imagining a day in the life of the 7 billion people on this planet. Then I realized, I don't have to imagine it; I can see it. I can live it.

            While studying in my university in the United States, I spent 3 semesters abroad; also studying in Spain, Italy, and Thailand. From my first month spent in Spain, I knew life is not meant to be lived just in one place. That was 4 years ago, and I’ve been traveling ever since. 

Zajeta slika

            One of my more significant discoveries is that travel doesn’t have to be expensive, nor short-lived. Travel doesn’t equate to luxury, or to a vacation. It can, and for most people it does, but I knew that I wanted to travel in a different way, to blur the distinction between local and tourist, between traveling and living. 

            I learned about ‘slow-travel. It is spending as much time in a place as possible; interacting with locals, finding favorite places to eat, learning different languages… and above all choosing experiences over sights. It is a way to make anywhere ‘home’. With slow-travel, though you are spending longer in a place, you are not rushing to complete a bucket list, taking expensive tours, or buying last-minute flights and train tickets across the country just to spend a couple of days there… you are just enjoying life!

            I tend to explore lesser known places, or known places in unique ways. It’s important for me to stay long enough to immerse myself the culture of a city or country; I prefer experiencing cities & towns through hostels, by hitchhiking, and most of all, volunteering with Workaway. This website is an absolute gem, it is the way I’ve been traveling on a very small budget! 

            12 Workaway experiences later (Hostel Idrija included), I can easily say that this website changed my life. It helps me see the world, to live amongst different cultures, make friends internationally, and even learn new skills for very little money. 

            Selecting my hosts is dependent on 1 of 2 things; either I choose a volunteering because I am interested in the work and tasks themselves, or because I really want to see a certain country. Sometimes it is both reasons!

            In Serbia I volunteered with a refugee organization where we cooked food and distributed it to the camps. We also made events, activities, and lessons for the refugees to build a social connection and improve emotional & mental health. 

            In the Czech Republic I volunteered on a ski resort and worked in the restaurant for 20 hours a week, the rest of the time I was able to ski and snowboard throughout the mountain absolutely for free. We volunteers lived in a cozy wooden house and enjoyed the end of winter. 

Zajeta slika1

            In Cambodia I worked in an eco-resort on a private part of a secluded island, bartending on the beach, and painting signs for decor. This beach was free of human touch, it had the most stars I’ve ever seen in the night sky, and the clearest waters of the sea.

            I highly recommend Workaway to everyone who seeks cultural immersion; living like a local & partaking in the new community you now call home.. 

After all the years, countries, experiences, and people met, I have some tips I’d like to share with you, perhaps some I would have liked to hear so many months ago…

Keep an open mind!
Other people and cultures may be completely different than what you’re used to, but it doesn’t mean one is better, or one is good and another is bad.

Do things alone!
If you wait for somebody else to do things, who knows when you will? If you already know what you want, why do you need somebody else to validate that choice?

Be flexible!
Spontaneity is the essence of adventure. Say “yes” to things.

Hang out with locals
There's something to be said for the way you experience a place when you do so with people born and raised there.

Experience without expectations!
If you go somewhere with expectations, your level of enjoyment will be influenced by whether they were met or not.

Don’t let other’s doubts become your own

Be confident in your decisions, you made them for a reason.

Above all, take risks, say yes, live the present moment. Traveling makes you more adventurous because you often only have the present moment to do something.

You might be hesitant or reluctant, but you don't really have time for overthinking or doubt!  And “now or never: moments are what make travel so amazing.

You might leave a place, not have the same people around, or simply the circumstances may never arise again.

I would rather say "I can't believe I did that" than "oh I wish I had done that.

And I hope you do too.

Travel far enough, and you’ll meet the self you never imagined you could become.


“Make voyages, attempt them. There is nothing else.”   -   Tennessee Williams

Patricia is nomadic soul whose passion for adventure ignited 4 years ago. She is creating her dream life, exploring our Earth with an open mind and the cross-cultural communicative power of a smile. Patricia hopes to inspire authentic living in everyone she meets. Follow her adventures at or on Facebook as “Where Is Poppy”.


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