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Living in Idrija by Matevž

torek, 25 september 2018 08:49

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Choose big city life. Choose 'a career'. Choose a competitive salary. Choose a 'personal self-development budget'. Choose work at standing desks while listening to your free Spotify account. Choose a downtown flat, Danish design and 'hygge'. Choose Friday rooftop parties and weekend picnics in the park. Choose Chinese take-aways on your way from the party. Choose Wednesdays' group jogging. Choose exploring trendy cafes and bars, being a smarty-pants about gin tonics and this new cocktail you've tried in that hipster neighbourhood of yours. Choose commuting, slowly slipping your time away 2 hours a day. Choose a fixie bike and a matching raincoat. Choose 'making a world a better place' and wondering who the fuck you are on a Sunday morning. Choose making money, squeezing yourself for your boss till the end of it, pissing your last in your condo where no one knows or cares about you. Choose your future. Choose big city life.

But why would we want to do a thing like that? We chose not to choose big city life. We chose somethin' else. And the reasons? There are no reasons. Who needs reasons when you've got Idrija?

The thing with small places such as Idrija is that people think it's all about hillbillies and 'having no private life' and 'nothing going on' and all that shit which is not to be totally disregarded, but what they forget is the pleasure of it. Otherwise we wouldn't do it. After all, we're not stupid. At least, we're not THAT stupid.

The pleasures of living in Idrija come in different forms and shapes. The obvious ones are the closeness, the cosiness and familiarity. Knowing your pastry shop keeper. Having a spontaneous lunch with your librarian. Randomly bumping into your friend wherever you go. Knowing that guy on the stage. Crazy cheering for your town-mates. Then it’s the innocent, no harm-intended gossiping that makes you laugh, amazed, angry and disappointed. Alive human being. Smallness brings also the closeness of the countryside, the nature. Endless biking and hiking possibilities. No fixies, just you and that path along the river. Swimming in river pools, falling on your ass while trying to get closer to the pristine waterfall.

Being a part of the 500-year history of workers, innovators, creators and crazy ones, is another kind of joy. Respecting the elders for what they’ve achieved and learning from their stupidity. Building on the rich heritage – but in a new, a different way. Our way.  

Small city life also means opportunity. Opportunity to create an impact. To really change something. To see the fruits of your work. To contribute. To hear the people at the next table talking about what you’ve done and how they’ve enjoy it. Hearing ‘keep up the good work’ by random people and seeing how ten years of engagement have paid off and how much the whole community advanced. Celebrating the successes and struggling through the hard times with colleagues. ‘Making a world a better place’ without the need to put it on your website. 

Choose small city life.

Partially inspired by Trainspotting. The rest is inspired by Idrija itself.