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Co-operation Zagorje - Idrija

ponedeljek, 10 september 2018 15:19

Prejšnji teden smo gostili EVS prostovoljca iz Zagorja, ki prav tako kot naš prostovoljec Roni, prihaja iz Finske. Več o namenu obiska ter samem poteku pa je zapisal Roni:

"I’ve been wanting to get into video editing for a long time now, but it was difficult thru trial and error and youtube tutorials. That got me a little discouraged. Then I realized I have a friend in Zagorje doing the same EVS volunteer job as I do, so I contacted him to become my mentor for one week. He had good camera handling skills and proper equipment and on top of all that we speak the same language! Our goal was to learn more about editing in adobe premiere and techniques in video shooting. And so I went to Zagorje for three days and then we both traveled to Idrija for three days.

In Zagorje it was pretty clear that our video would focus on juggling, as that is a hobby for both of us. After some planning we went to a local hill to shoot the clips needed. Back at Saulis home we checked the clips and made a list for clips needed while editing. The next day we had an open workshop at town square, like mestno igrisce back at Idrija. A lot of kids and parents came to our 1,5 hour workshop to test the cirkus gear we had brought from Zagorje MC and Idrija. After packing things up and eating we went outside again to shoot some LED clips in the dark.

Back at Idrija we got some fuel for fire equipment and started shooting the fire juggling sequences at MCI. The next day was editing, editing, editing.

Sauli was a huge help in realizing what premiere can do and how easy it was to edit good footage with experienced help. I learned a lot about different angles and shooting the clips, editing in mind. I think my earlier videos looked hastily put together with little knowledge about editing in pace of music and different angles for tricks, but now I understand a lot more about the importance of proper planning, and the usage of camera. Thank you Sauli for showing me the fun side of editing videos. Now I can actually be proud of the material I put on youtube.

Here are the links for Saulis portfolio so you can check them out, as well as the video we created during the week."

EVS Volunteer: Roni Jernfors


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