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Living in Idrija by Mireille

sreda, 20 junij 2018 13:46

EVS prostovoljka Mireille je o Idriji zapisala veliko prijaznih besed. Vzela si je tudi čas in pofotografirala različne zanimive točke v mestu. Fotografije si lahko ogledate v prilogi.


Idrija is a wonderful city that I will recommend to you for its tremendous quality of live.

Wherever you are in the city, you can easily enjoy the astonishing landscapes.
Indeed, Idrija is located in a beautiful Valley surrounded by the forest. You will certainly be surprised by the incredible green colors of the forest and the river. Idrija has a great location as is situated in the Southern Alps.

The houses look like mountains « Chalet ». As Idrija is surrounded by mountains, it is possible to live in a house situated in one of the hills. So when you wake up in the morning, you can admire the magnificent view in front of your window, and also in front of the living room or even in front of the balcony or the terrace. Daily, you will also have the chance to hear the birds melody.

When you will leave the house, you will gently go down the hill and admire each big gardens with the beautiful flowers. It was a real pleasure to see the evolution of the season from winter to spring. At this time of the year, you can watch the locals taking an attentive care of their cherish gardens. They spend all their heart and energy working in their garden almost every day during the spring. Rapidly flowers nicely appears and vegetables and salads grow up. The result is pretty nice.

I recommend you to look up and far to have the agreeable feeling to be surrounded by the nature. Idrija is such a peaceful and pleasant place to live.
The river cross by the city, it’s really worth to stop and observe the marvelous transparent color of the river.

Idrija is the perfect place to take care of your health. In fact you have a 3.5 km walking path called « Rake ». It is my favorite place, I really enjoy to go for a walk along the Rake water channel. You can also go there to run, hike or ride a bike in the forest. You can also take your time and breath deeply in this peaceful and extraordinary place. Indeed, it is also really nice to stop and focus to hear the birds singing almost all the day. After the Rake walk path, you have a way through the forest to go to Bela. If you are going by the main road to Bela, don’t hesitate to stop at « Divje Jezero » this means wild lake. Bela is a meeting place for intergenerational groups, families with kids, teenagers, youngsters, adults and seniors. Bela is a nice place to chill out on weekends. Its seems to be « the place to be » in summers. I have not seeing that yet but I am looking forward to discovering the ambiance in Bela this summer. During the summer, you can enjoy natural Bela’s swimming pool.

In the meanwhile, when you are in your way to Rake, most of the time you will meet others Idrian inhabitants and as they are really polite and friendly, you will need to say « Dan or Zivjo » which means Hello or Hey. You will encountered the same situation no matter where you are in the city.
Anyhow people will rapidly noticed that you are not from the city and that you are new in town. Of course, as a small city everybody knows each other ;-) By walking in the city center you can observed on the street really cute lace’s traditional symbol painted with a hearth shape.

In Idrija downtown you have different bars, ice cream and cake shops. I really like to stop by and try an ice cream or a cake and then just enjoy being on the terrasse. The good news is that they have so many delicious flavors. The City center has a nice architecture and a great main square where usually kids and youngsters go there to play after school.

During the day, the Youth Center of Idrija is a great place to enjoy with friends, you will found there a ping pong table, a football table, board games etc. I would recommend you to keep an eye on the program of the Youth Center. Indeed, some nice events are going on during the all year at the Youth Center Idrija and in the City Center.

Different restaurants offer some tradition food and Italian food. Most of the restaurant are designed with rustic style decoration. If you one to discover one of Idrian culinary specialties, you should ask for some Zlikrofi and also try a really good and the traditional cake called Rezi cake. Be careful when you order food for lunch during the week in a restaurant because portions are really important. I personally ask for lunch a mala malica portion (small portion).

Besides the multiple supermarkets all around the city you can also buy some fresh products at the local market such as cottage cheese, milk, yogurt and honey.

A great avantage to live in a small city as Idrija is that you can easily go everywhere in the city by walk. What you must see in the city ? You must go to the ancient castle Gewerkenegg that nowadays is a Idrija Municipal museum. Idrija is on the Unesco World Heritage Geopark for its historical and second biggest mine of the world. You can go to visit the underground Anthony’s Main Road. Then just walk around the city and discover really great views from hills and also from the churches view point. While walking in the city, you will also observe some beautiful wooden painted beehives in the center of Idrija. Slovenians beekeepers has been rasing awareness on the importance of bees for the entire humanity. Thanks to their initiative the United Nations Organisation proclaim « World Bee Day on 20th May ». Of course, it is also possible to go around the city by bicycle.

As a daily routine I need to go back to the house walking up the hill with car passing along. As so far nobody has never stop for me, it is a good way to reinforce legs muscles.

Looking for a healthy lifestyle come and live in Idrija.



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