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Mireille - EVS prostovoljka iz Francije

sreda, 04 april 2018 12:24

Prejšnji mesec smo predstavili enega izmed EVS prostovoljcev, ki sta s svojim delom v MCI in življenjem v Idriji, začela v začetku preteklega meseca. Oba prostovoljca delujeta v sklopu Evropske prostovoljske službe, njun projekt pa se imenuje Active communityRoni je že odgovoril na nekaj vprašanj in predstavil svoj pogled na Idrijo in novo zaposlitev, sedaj pa smo ista vprašanja postavili tudi drugi EVS prostovoljki - Mireille, ki pa prihaja iz Francije. preko odgovorov na vprašanja, lahko spoznate še njo ;)

1. How would you describe yourself in five words ?
I am an open minded person always having the willingness and the desire to be useful for a better society. I take an active participation in solidarity actions and projects in order to spread with positive impacts. Some of my characteristics are open minded, concern for the welfare of others, generous, friendly and also environmentally concerned.

2. Why did you choose to do EVS ? What was the main reason?

The main reasons I chose to do the EVS was to have the experience to live abroad in order to discover a new country and its culture. I also wanted to get out of my daily confort zone as it is really useful for personal growth. The EVS will be a great opportunity to meet, share and cooperate with new people from Slovenia and also from Europe. I will also be involve in meaningful projects.

3. Why did you choose Idrija as your welcoming town ?

I really wanted to do my EVS in Slovenia because it is a country well known for its astonishing nature and welcoming people. I come from a big city and it was important for me to achieve my EVS in a smaller city with ongoing local community projects. The project in Idrija is also really challenging because of the launching project to open a new Youth Hostel. Another reason was that I had the willingness to live this unique experience in a different environment that I was used to live. Idrija is part of Geopark heritage of Unesco with a lot of culture, history and nature. It is situated on a valley in the middle of mountains and forest so it was the perfect chose for me.

4. In what way are french the same as Slovenians?

French and Slovenians have both different regions with their specificities and have rich history and culture. Slovenians and French take their meals at the same hours and also with copious dishes.

5. What do you think about your employer - Idrija Youth Center?

I had a good impression of the team from the beginning when I arrived to Slovenia.
The team is nice and friendly, the youth center has an excellent program made of interesting activities for all kind of public. Even if they had a lot of projects going on, the team had a good way to make us feeling included in all the process. The Youth center is going through a big challenge with the launch of the Youth Hostel. The general working atmosphere make us enjoying this process and willing to do a great job.

6. What have you done in the past for a leaving?

I was for 3 years a Project Manager in a Sustainable Development Education NGO in France. I was in charge of the development of partnership with different cities and social structures in Parisian region. Part of my daily work was writing for proposals, looking for financial aid and organizing all the logistics and planning for the workshop to different audience.

7. What do you like to work the most?

I like to be part of multi-partenarial projects. This is when different structures are putting all the forces to work and cooperate together in order to achieve a project that will have positive impacts towards local or inter-municipalities, department or region.

8. What is the first impression about Idrija?

It is a welcoming town for two reasons, the surrounding extraordinary landscape and friendliness of the its inhabitants.

Če bi Mireille želeli spoznati tudi osebno, vabljeni v Mladinski center Idrija ;)

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