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Living in Idrija by Svein

torek, 30 avgust 2022 10:52

Arriving with a new spirit

I believe I should start with the beginning when I came. It feels weird to be in a different country not knowing really anything. I had a welcoming feeling from the town of Idrija. In the winter, you can join some activities with the local community. I know you have volleyball, basketball, climbing, and boxing, I personally just attended the first two. A nice thing about living in Idrija is that you feel like a warm hug from the hill around.

Living with somebody in the flat

Living with another volunteer who comes from another country in an apartment shouldn't be a problem, even if you think so, a cultural difference suddenly arises, you might not even notice it. You can expect some friction, but that's what life is about.


Working at the center is more like a family, you come to see who you can lend a hand, and where you can leave a smile. A bit like a good neighbor. Family members come and go. Guests who have their outlook on life. It is an excellent house.

Spare time

In your spare time, you just do what you like to do. If you want to bike, bike, if you want to swim, swim, that's how I look at it. You can always find some places where you can play board games with somebody. To be fair, I kind of didn't differentiate too much between work and free time, when you have a great time, it is a great time ;)) It doesn't mean that I don't like to have free time and I love to run around Slovenia and be with other volunteers.

Cultural difference:

(Disclaimer stereotype)

Well, what should we say: Slovenians start drinking at 8 in the evening, maybe even as early as 6 p. m. which is early for me. Even if I see them drunk, they are ready for work the day after. Well, where I come from, we just drink on the weekends. I feel they are smoking a lot here. In practice, when I hang out with people who do not smoke it doesn’t matter. I like the food, I can say that Slovenia/Idrija has a culture of food like žlikrofi, prekmurska gibanica, žganci, and jota. I don't feel something spectacular because it's again onions, potatoes, and carrots ;))


I'm glad that Slovenia is the country I am in, everyone knows English more or less. You feel safe around. You can open up and be yourself. There are a lot of nice spots around Slovenia which deserve a place in your heart. Ljubljana is not the nicest city ever. We always have the seaside + mountains.



The concerts in the summers for free on the main square

Having a wonderful place call Bella, we can swim and hang out with people and meet them again

A youth center that is always there for you

A Mati How brightens up your day

It's a sporty town

You can always get out Idrija if you need to

Hills around who screams take me;)

Everyone knows English

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