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New volunteer from Norway, Svein

ponedeljek, 17 januar 2022 15:07

How would you describe yourself in five words ? 


Why did you choose to take part in this volunteering project?   

I want to help the organisation. Give people a good social time. To challenge myself and improve my English. make the sharp road, smooth after time. Develop new skills and learn about the culture, get my Third language up and running, find a hidden treasure around the world

Why did you choose Idrija?   

I chose it because it looked like really nice place, not too big not too small, something different from my old home. I love to go running so the hills look like a nice place to do it.

In what way is Norway the same as Slovenia? 

What I found the same here in Slovenia as in Norway is that you have a lot of yoghurt and cheese. I love different cheeses and I’m ready for try your national cheese. One other thing, please could you add a spoon on the yogurt packs, it's nice when you are on the go. Something different is that you have castles and churches on the tops all the over the places.

What do you think about the Idrija Youth Center?  

It looks like a welcoming place, ready for taking people from the world with open arms.  Good hearted people. I have been only here of three days so I can’t say how I feel about the place before I see it in action.

What have you done in the past?   

I went to a building and construction school and another school for outdoor life. After that I worked in a fishing industry.

What do you like to do the most? 

I love to be out doing sports, playing football, volleyball. etc. I love to dance, just take the days as they come, you know, if you have good friends, you will always find something funny to do...

What is your first impression about Idrija?  

My first impression was that you have winter here too. What other did you expect from me? But anyways, I’m ready to run these hills.

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