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Seminar zreče

sreda, 23 junij 2021 11:21

The seminar took place from 14 to 18 June and aimed to gather all the volunteers from Slovenia who had started their mission less than two months ago and were participating in the Erasmus + programme, named movit and carried out by Bostjan, Barbara and Léa in the form of a playful workshop which allowed us to create several groups to talk about the European Solidarity Corps,

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what it consists of, the rights and duties of a volunteer. How this project could help us in the future. We were also able to discover the surroundings of Zreče with its thermal baths and it was a beautiful walk. We stayed in the spa of Zreče. On Wednesday 16 July we were able to do two big projects that we wanted to do for the International Volunteer Day. The first project consisted in writing with chalk messages to raise awareness about water waste. :)

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Their name was vodawariors. Then the second group I was part of was called the crazyfrogs and our project was to distribute happiness, our aim was to write messages of encouragement like (Keep smiling or have a nice day). Then to go and distribute these kind messages to the local population by leaving them in the letterbox.:)

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Or we could get to know each other as volunteers and create links that will allow us to meet again and travel through Slovenia together. This was the main goal of this seminar AND THE MISSION WAS SUCCESSFUL! BRAVO! 



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