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‘When a heart is touched, the whole world changes’

torek, 06 oktober 2020 09:21

Mladinski Center Idrija’s most recent project revolves around the idea of engaging with the youth outdoors- in the places they meet up with each other to hang out and walk around and thus the name ‘MC Mobil’.

 On a Thursday afternoon, we loaded the MC Mobil van and headed for our first mission. We parked at the Mejca, set up the skate and bicycle ramp and other games with cones and different poles and waited. A group of young boys came and used the ramp for a little while.

 Then, a little boy approached us, barely talking. We gave him a chalk and he started drawing on the pavement.

 When I finished the hopscotch pattern, I motioned him to come try it out with me and we ended up playing over and over again. Afterwards, we started playing bowling and then moved on to slacklining.

 There was something about him. He was so young- still so vulnerable, so open.  

 That first experience is definitely one that I will remember, not only because of its innovativeness but also because I have never had a similar experience in Cyprus, as youth work is limited to private after school institutes. That boy- I later found out that he had moved to Slovenia with his family. I can still picture the smile on his face at the end. It was so wide and glowing that you could feel the love radiating from him.

 MC Mobil is something new. At the moment, we are experimenting, trying to see what it can become. We hope to engage and connect with the youth of Idrija (and its surrounding areas) to give them a place to relax, and just Be. And if this first experience were to symbolize something it would be this: ‘When a heart is touched, the whole world changes’. This is how we will move forward. Step by step, one heart at a time.

Thekla Christofi. You can contact me at Ta e-poštni naslov je zaščiten proti smetenju. Potrebujete Javascript za pogled. or come by Hostel Idrija for a chat and some tea.





‘Every turn we had to make in these narrow streets of Idrija was a reason for laughter’

My first experience with the MC Mobil was super funny, if I have to summarize it in one word ? Tjasa was our driver and she, like all of us in the team, has little or no experience driving such a big van like the MC Mobil. So every turn we had to make in these narrow streets of Idrija was a reason for laughter.

When we got to our spot, the Mejca park in Idrija, there was almost no kids there, but after approximately 30 minutes there were like 10+ kids waiting for us to finish putting the skate ramps together so they could ride on it with their bikes – and that was also something that caused a lot of laughter.

The way we originally thought of putting the ramps together was a bit too high for them, so we had to improvise a bit, and the kids were there with us, giving their suggestions on how we should do it and actively helping to do it. That was super nice. They were very polite and were really excited to try the new ramps we brought for them. For us, to see that in them kind of reinforces the reason why this project was put together - to bring fun and joy wherever we decide to show up.

Comparing this reality to where I live (Odivelas, Lisbon, Portugal), I would say that something like this would probably be harder to put in place since kids in elementary/high school have already enough distractions at home/around the city and don’t spend as much time on the streets anymore (most of it is spent in school itself – from 8:00 to 18:00), unless it’s summer. Still, I think the idea of showing up in different places and bring something new to them (maybe different from what we’re using here in Idrija), would be a great initiative and maybe a starter to make youngsters more active outside.

Marlon Azevedo. You can contact me at Ta e-poštni naslov je zaščiten proti smetenju. Potrebujete Javascript za pogled.


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