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Living in Idrija by Thekla

četrtek, 10 september 2020 14:04

From all the places in the world, all the world-famous countries and iconic cities, who would have guessed that a fairytale land could be found in the little town of Idrija, Slovenia?

As I walked down the Trg Sv. Ahacija, this is exactly what I was thinking. Having visited the town two years ago, I was thrilled to find out about the ESC International Community Project at MCI for 2020 and return for more.

Right in the middle of Italy, Austria, Hungary and Croatia rests the quiet, from humble beginnings but with a bright future, Republic of Slovenia. And then a turn to the west, Idrija.

Bathed in deep forest green and a hauntingly beautiful mist surrounding the mountains- that is the picture one witnesses from the nature and world of Idrija.

With a rich history of mining and lace-making, breathtaking natural trails for bikers, hikers and walkers (runners too!), plenty of bars and cafes and local shops, Idrija is equipped to satisfy visitors from all backgrounds, be it native or not.

Even a simple walk around town will offer an exquisite and absolutely wonderful breath of air. The intimate contact between people and nature truly makes a difference in your mood, behavior and attitude.

With predominantly cold weather, a light sweater or a heavier coat (depending on the season) and even an umbrella is usually a good idea. Nevertheless, be it sunny or raining, Idrija’s fairytale-like feel remains as magical as ever.


P.S If you would like to learn about the upcoming projects and events I and the other volunteers (Marlon and Midheta) are preparing tune in to the Mladinski Center Idrija as well as Hostel Idrija FB and Instagram accounts.

You can contact me at Ta e-poštni naslov je zaščiten proti smetenju. Potrebujete Javascript za pogled. or come by Hostel Idrija for a chat and some tea (I will be there until the end of October 2020).


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