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Living in Idrija by Daniela

torek, 07 julij 2020 09:34

Daniela je svoje življenje v Idriji predstavila tudi prek kulskih vlogov, vabljeni k ogledu.

A long journey to a new country far from home, with a language different from yours and a new culture for you. New people to meet and a different environment with new places and customs. A job where you don't know what awaits you and try to survive a pandemic. Having to face this situation alone. My name is Daniela and this is my case.

I’m on an internship and I lived through this experience in Idrija, Slovenia. Nothing was as I had intended and nothing was as it should have been, but it doesn't matter. Things change and we can't help it. In this time that I have been in Idrija I have had to adapt to many things (like everyone else), such as this big change in my own way of working.

Before, work was almost everything practical for me, creating and doing, thinking and executing, but suddenly everything has been transformed into something digital, because I found myself in a quarantine in Slovenia. I value and admire the people who handle all kinds of techniques and platforms on the Internet, but the truth is that I have never liked working online, I find it less enriching than face-to-face, so here was my first challenge. During all this period I had to adapt to transform my work in a virtual way, think of new methods that go hand in hand with what I do and make it dynamic at the same time without forgetting the objectives. I have gotten to know new platforms and I have seen how the MCI has adjusted to the circumstances.

In spite of the horrible pandemic we are living in, I didn’t stop learning, everything continues to be an opportunity for me despite the effects of this situation. A new experience to face, to be able to observe, analyze, reflect ... and keep fighting. It’s clear that we will always be able to look for solutions and find them, and that is what we are working on.

Changing the way we see things and looking for all the possible options is making us grow as people and I will always be happy for it. Together we have learned to carry out our work together with that of the community, so these practices have not lost their meaning nor have they been a waste of time. I’m developing effective performance through the application and skills acquired during my academic training, wasn't that the goal?

About living in Idrija, I feel comfortable here. Even after the quarantine has finished, it remained a quiet town, without scandals or annoying noises. That doesn’t mean there is no movement. In Idrija you can see a constant circulation of people with a very familiar atmosphere. It doesn’t have countless shops or stores like a capital, but you can enjoy the small cafes around the town and have a great day walking around it.

In addition, it’s a very green place where you feel in contact with nature, and something very good that people can do is go out and take walks through the different and numerous routes that exist. Wherever you go, there will always be someone enjoying the landscapes. For me, although it’s not very popular for foreigners, Idrija is a very beautiful place with great charm and accompanied by a beautiful river. It’s always good to see the water nearby!

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