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Naši ekipi se je pridružila Daniela

petek, 27 marec 2020 11:48

1. How would you describe yourself in five words?

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2. Why did you choose to do an Erasmus internship?
Because I needed to go out of home and know another part of the world. Mainly because I love traveling and it seemed to me like a perfect excuse. On the other hand, it is a oppotunity to learn a lot of new things both from my studies and from life itself. The culture, kinds of persons, lifestyles, traditions, customs, language... It is a way to get rich as a person and live wonderful experiences and I think that it is the perfect age to do it.
I consider myself a brave person with a desire to face new things and I'm sure I would do it more than once.

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3. Why did you choose Idrija as a hosting town?
When I decided to do an Erasmus+ internship, I had to choose where I wanted to go and which organization I wanted to work with so I put "European countries" in google and went one for one seeing the places. I liked various sites but Slovenia was different, lovely, with many green areas and peace. A country where I know that if I didn't go right now I would never visit.
Furthermore, searching for organizations I saw a lot of associations and particular persons who needed help (normal help) and who were looking for people to help them with their livestock, with their land, with the children ... and they offered you things in return. Many cases of good acts and I liked that more.

4. In what way are Spanish the same as Slovenians?
I would say that Spanish people are different. We can stop you in the middle of the street and ask you anything. We are not so shy/quiet and I dare to say that we are always more altered. I must also say that we are always ready to make a joke. I'm not saying that Slovenes don't but Slovenes are more silent and more quiet and very friendly too.

5. What do you think about the Idrija Youth Center?
Helena is a good girl who in just two days has offered me many facilities. She has explained me everything very well and I am looking forward to working with her. I'm glad to meet people like that.

6. What did you do for living before?
When I finished the high school I decided to do my studies in sociocultural and tourist animation, because I like the content a lot and the things that can be done. I didn't want to enter the university so soon.
While I study from Monday to Friday, I worked on weekends as a waitress in a bar at night. Like this until I traveled to Slovenia. I also dedicated my free time to rehearse in a choir.
Before this I did a bachelor while I worked from Monday to Friday as a dance teacher in a school that provided extracurricular activities. Also I was rehearsing in a "comparsa" (a group of singers, musicians and dancer that take part in carnivals of Tenerife).

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7. What do you like to do the most?
I love work with people and help them, although this I can do it that without working. Especially I like do things of what I study. Energize and create activities. I have crazy ideas and I like to carry them out. Although I also loved being a waitress.
In summary I like to talk with people and enjoy working.

8. What is your first impression about Idrija?
It is a little town, but so nice. It seems like a Christmas city. It is very calm and a natural place but very cold for me right now. If I was back home, my family would tell me that I look like Heidi.

Daniela Álamo Granado.

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